Article Writing Tips – 3 Proven Ideas to Write More Effective Articles

Article writing in the context of internet marketing has caught the fancy of every web master and today this medium is being used to the hilt to drive traffic to the chosen web sites. Unlike the journalistic type of articles, it is often easier to create the SEO articles and the article writing ideas given below will help you to succeed in becoming a sought after writer.

1. Understanding the purpose

The first step towards writing a salable article is to understand the purpose for which the article is being written. Is it an e-zine article, is it for submission to other article directories? What are the specific requirements governing these article directories or e-zines. Remember, each of them have different sets of rules. If you employ this article writing tip into your creation, the customer’s purpose will be well addressed.

2. Keywords

Understand the keyword directions well and follow them in letter and spirit. In most cases, the writer is not at liberty to alter the keywords in any manner whatsoever. It is imperative that this is well understood by every writer as an important component of any article writing ideas.

3. White Space

Most web viewers are always in a hurry. Therefore, the time they spent on a page or article can often be a minute or two. It is necessary to make the reading as comfortable as possible. Providing plenty of blank (white) space in between your paragraphs will contribute significantly towards this. When you incorporate these article writing ideas into your creation, you will join the ranks of winning writers.

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