How to Make Full Use of WHM to Boost Your Reseller Hosting Business?

Hosting resellers find Web Host Manager or WHM to be a powerful tool. It offers a wide range of features allowing you to make the most of the control panel and grants better control over most operations. However, many resellers find it difficult to understand the features and functions of WHM and hence, fail to use it optimally. In this article, we will talk about WHM and how you can make full use of it to boost your Reseller Hosting business.

What is WHM?

WHM, when combined with cPanel, forms a control panel system that has all features that a hosting reseller can think of. WHM is a suite of applications with administrative rights that offers you access to a lot of things with a higher degree of control. It also allows backend access to cPanel and permits you to perform certain operations that you would not be able to perform otherwise.

WHM is specifically helpful for hosting resellers due to the flexibility it grants them. Using WHM, a reseller can install a system, server, configure system backups (automatic or manual), and move accounts between two servers. The best part is the interface – it is simple, and most people start using it in no time.

How to use WHM to boost your Reseller Hosting business?

Most operations and functions in WHM can be customized to your requirements. Further, developers are adding new options to WHM every day! We have managed to gather a list of ways in which …

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