[Dana Sibera] Creates Devices That Don’t Exist

[Dana Sibera] Creates Devices That Don’t Exist

[Dana Sibera], identified as [@NanoRaptor] on Twitter, can make us surprise about units that could have been, and wince about gadgets that ought to under no circumstances see the gentle of day – summoned into existence by her respectable photograph enhancing and 3D modeling skills. At any time wished to see a Product M with a modest green-tinted CRT crafted into its side? Now you have. Maybe, a “self-tapping” DE-9 plug with wood screws for pins? Tricky luck, below it is anyway, but you can have a palate cleanser if it was too a great deal to bear. Obtaining begun over a 12 months back with the classic “spicy pillows, but actually pillows” design and style, she keeps gracing us with portrayals of tech and tech-adjacent objects straight from the depths of her creativeness.

None of the items she reveals exist in serious lifetime, some regretfully and some fortunately so, but that is not the initial matter on your thoughts when you stumble upon a cube-formed iPod with a created-in equalizer in your Twitter feed. Photographs like this “cassette ROM” or the deluxe woodgrain 386DX are really evident in what they are. On the other hand, devices like this “Mini VGA” dongle or the amber CRT-adorned TI92 Plus could possibly have you get to for your wallet before you realize what is up, and the photographic-evidence-accompanied assertion about early floppy drives getting punchcard-dependent may have you consider you are just not up to date on your retrocomputing trivia.

Older hardware is recognised to be a lot more expressive and experimental, and [Dana]’s models just take entire advantage of that – from an SGI Indy with its diagonal slash as a result of the circumstance now paired with a matching keep track of, to an L-show Powerbook. New hardware doesn’t get a pass both – here’s the most up-to-date iPod Nano with a clickwheel, a reasonable conclusion that Apple under no circumstances attained, and a motherboard with a dozen USB-C inputs in area of an ATX electrical power connector.

Some types will be nostalgia-inducing, some will be overwhelming, and [Dana] retains bringing new surprises into our feed on the regular. Prolific artists are a joy to observe – previous time, we included Pepper’s Ghost experiments of [Joshua Ellingson], and he keeps experimenting to this day.

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