Do Link Building with a Strategic Purpose

9 Easy Link Building Strategies (That Anyone Can Use)


A process with purpose delivers. When you start out with your Link Building process, check if you are on the right track. That is, you are doing it for the right cause. You should have a solid strategic purpose when you set out with your Link Building process. For example, a start-up firm will want numerous visitors to come on to its website through both onward and inward promotions. An established brand will most likely want quality leads to be generated through the Link Building process. A company launching its new products wants its product related posts and articles to reach out to its target audience in quicktime. An SEO professional wants his web pages to get indexed in Google through various keywords promoted via articles, blogs, social media posts, ads and more.


Moreover, if you have set a campaign period, your Link Building efforts should bring in the desired results within that campaign period to serve a purpose or two. The strategic purposes could be to get ‘x’ number of website visitors, brand engagements, content downloads, article readerships, video views, posts reach to the target audience, inbound and outbound website traffic, quality leads, product sales and business conversions, etc. If you want to find quality link building services, USA to achieve your purpose, check here.


In this article, we are about to see how you can do Link Building and at the same time achieve your various strategic goals and objectives.


Not Just Active or Activity


Link Building is not about just submitting content with links or submitting URLs with keywords or add-on content without any direction or planning. Just activities do not bring the desired results. Doing activities on-the-go without any specific objectives or intended purposes will only go on the wayside.


You should have plans and strategies in place and those plans should be compartmentalized into time-bound activity sets with each directed and implemented for achieving certain end results. These activity sets should work in tandem and collectively contribute to the achievement of the overall strategy. Isolated activities without a common goal or objective will not produce any effect and never be useful for the achievement of the overall strategy. So, the whole purpose of the Link Building process is not achieved through irrelevant and disintegrated activities because they lack coordination and connection between various Link Building actions and activities. PerfectLinkbuilding is one of the best link building companies which helps to get all your Link Building activities together for a comprehensive achievement of your overall strategy.


Directed & Result Oriented


Every part or task of your Link Building process should be set a target or goal, and serious attempts should be made to achieve those goals. For example, if you are publishing an article, ensure that you set a goal for that purpose like a set of keywords have to be promoted through this article submission and should track the progress of the task by monitoring the Google search results for those keywords over a certain period of time. Likewise, when you submit your Social Media Posts, check the results by tracking how many people these posts have reached, how many interactions they have created, how many comments they have generated, how much of social sentiments they have generated, how many times these posts are forwarded, etc. This will give you real purpose and solid results for these Link Building tasks and actions.


Short-term & Long-term Oriented Activities


Link Building can be done keeping in view both short term and long term objectives. Especially when you are in your product launching phase, you will have a short-term objective of promoting a link, web page, logo or brand identity, or brand content to your target audience. For these cases, you may choose short-term branding tools and platforms such as both outbound and inbound ad formats such as Google PPC, Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweets, Sponsored Hashtags, Promoted Posts, Display Banner Ads, etc., Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., for posting your promo content, Video Platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc., Press Release Platforms and News Websites for achieving  immediate traffic generation for your web pages, link clicks, content readerships, brand engagements and visibility.


For instance, if you are looking at building links for your web pages for your long-term SEO requirements and results, you may prefer to choose Content Marketing platforms, tools  and activities such as Blogs, Case Studies, e-Asset Downloads, White Papers, Infographics, Video Channels, Business Directory Listings, Ecommerce Website Listings, Social Media Profile Development, Group Discussions, Review Management, Story Promotion, Website Content Promotion, Guest Blogging, Link Promotion via Keywords Marketing, etc.,


Based on your strategic requirements as Short-term or Long-term, you can draw your Link Building Strategies accordingly.


Specific, Not Generic Posts


Writing and publishing content on general topics with no regard to specific niche, fields, subjects, topics, keywords and audience do not take you anywhere. It is just filling your web pages and dumping the internet with non-purposeful content but nothing else. It does not help you as a brand nor your readers in any significant way. It serves almost nothing to your Link Building efforts as well. Because such activities are misfired promotions and are a total misfit to your Link Building Strategies and Goals. Hence, write and promote content with specific scope keeping in view promotion of your keywords, a cluster of topics and subject matter of relevance, influencing your audience with touching and interesting posts, satisfying your readers with problem solving solutions-ridden content, publishing and broadcasting trendsetting or trend-embracing news posts and articles, or circulating creative and heart-rendering posts, etc.


Strategy-driven Content


Let your content be task and goal oriented which lets your users take an action, lead to a web page, contact form or blog, click a link, land on an Ecommerce page, etc., so that you will be able to drive them to certain actions and thus fulfill your objectives. This way a Strategy-driven Content works through your Link Building activities and processes.


Handpicked Keywords & Backlinks


Instead of using generic or commonplace keywords and unpurposeful links for your Link Building and Content Marketing activities, handpick the most suitable keywords and backlink URLs wisely and strategically and make them part of your Link Building and Content Marketing programmes, and the results of your Link Building will be tremendous.




As you plan your Link Building campaigns, always start like a race or marathon. In a race, you will have to quick-run to your short destination pumping all your energies and strengths to the immediate cause. In a marathon, you have a long way to go but still cannot go astray. You have a specific goal, and you need to set out in the right direction with a planned and phased running spree that has a specific time frame to complete the appointed task or reach the target. In the same way, always be purposeful and do all things meaningful in your Link Building activities to make them successful and purposeful.