DSL Internet 101: Speed Really Matters


Speed has been a major factor in all kinds of businesses, especially local internet providers. Not only it is a major factor for all of us, but rather it saves our time to do other things we can. The reason that businesses are now relying with speed and passion, because they want to help their customers as fast as they can. Customers are seeking some answers in any business firm, and they want it fast. What they need to do is to always act quickly and answer their questions. When you want to catch the deadline of your work, you must do it quickly.

The boss will be delighted with your work, only if you have finished it earlier. Because of your quickness, more benefits and bonuses will be given for your hard efforts. What about if we applied this to a local internet provider, especially if they offer DSL services? Since we’re talking about the speed of an internet connection, let’s get to know what DSL is all about. DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a family of technologies that lets a local telephone company transmits digital data over their wires. In other words, your computer’s wire is connected and transmitted to a local telephone provider.

It gives you high-quality internet speed which measures up to 3 megabytes per second. Compare to dial-up connections, DSL internet will not interrupt your connection while using the telephone. If we can go back for more than a decade, most cheap customers are relying on prepaid internet connections using dial-up. The average speed of a dial-up internet connection can be up to 40 kilobytes per second, which is super-slow for internet users. Most internet users now are relying on speed, and it forces them to subscribe with a local internet provider that offers DSL connection.

Low-speed connections may annoy a lot of internet users around the world, because their activities are getting delayed. But with high-speed DSL internet connection, their activities and fun will not be delayed anymore. It can be delayed only when the provider has technical issues or maintenance period. But why is it that speed really matters for most internet users? Usually, most of us are downloading digital files from various places. Some of the most popular types of files that were downloaded are music, movies, flash and online games, eBooks, software and a lot more. They are getting addicted in downloading them, and it needs them to use high-speed internet.

If the download is too slow for them due to low-speed connection, it will get them annoyed and to wait a little longer to finish everything. But if the speed is high, you may expect that the download time is faster too. It is considered to be an advantage for us to download small and big files with a great speed. Internet is not only for downloading digital files, but also a great place to research and have fun with other users. This is where we realize that speed really matters, and it saves a lot of our time to do other things as well. We always go with the fast one, not for the one that may delay our activities.

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