You’ve seen the commercials … you read the reviews … you may even have tried one out … but have you ever wondered how the makers of flameless battery-operated candles get them to look so darned real? The technology is simple really (ok, maybe only for those in the know-how), but we’ll attempt to make it simple to understand anyway.

First, for many manufacturers the trick to getting that real candle look is all in the wax. Yes, many of these candles are now made with real wax (albeit it never melts), giving it that more rugged textured look and feel. Some even make their flameless varieties with a melted wax look, to give the impression that the candle has been burning for awhile. It’s a nice touch that can add a real world look to an otherwise fake candle.

Since battery operated candles were introduced a few years ago to the general public, manufactures have been working on a multitude of ways to make the flame dance or flicker when in use. Many have succeeded in creating a genuine looking random flicker that mimics the look of a flame burning by using both LED battery technology and a new type of wick used to create the illusion.

Once the wick issue was solved, these battery-operated flameless candles took on a life of their own, featuring a realistic glow which can even cast a flame-like shadow on the walls and ceilings.

Next, aroma was added – or at least taken a bit more seriously. After all, most people light candles for the wonderful scent they emit, not just their flickering light. As the popularity of flameless candles grew, so did the need to offer a variety of scents to match every mood, occasion and interest. Smelling just like a real candle burning, the soft scents of these flameless varieties rivals any traditionally wax candle. Plus, they never run out of odor. Flameless candles are designed to continue to emit a pleasing aroma for the life of the battery, unlike wax candles which lose their scent as the oils in the candle either burn away or are evaporated.

Maybe not rocket science, but the technology behind the flameless candle is what helps set it apart, giving it the realistic look, feel and smell of its traditional wax burning counterpart. Unlike anything we’ve seen in recent years, today’s more modern realistic flameless candles are made better; work better; and look better than ever before.

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