Internet Network Marketing in a Social-Networking World


I’m a big believer in the industry of Network Marketing. Big Believer. However, I’ve never been very successful at it. I’ve been moderately successful, but I’ve never experienced the kind of growth and vitality that I believe are possible. Not even close. But I continue to believe in the industry, because I know it works. I know it works because there are a lot of people making a lot of money in MLM. I know it works because there are hundreds of companies that use network marketing as their means of moving products. I know it works because it just makes sense to me. So why doesn’t it work for me?

MLM is a unique industry. Anyone can have their own network marketing company, with very little initial outlay, no formal education, and minimal monthly overhead. Therefore, many different types of people join. However, as an industry, we are taught that how we build our business is by duplicating the people that sign us up. We’re supposed to do exactly like they do, and because they are successful, we will be successful. In theory this makes sense, however in the real world it doesn’t.

Everyone is different, so everyone is going to build their business in a different way.

Now, the basics are the same. It’s very simple, really. It only involves four steps:

1. Find people who are interested in our business.

2. Show them about our company.

3. Sign them up in the business.

4. Train them to do the same thing.

The last 3 steps are pretty easy to duplicate. It’s the first one where I believe we fail as an industry. You see, there are many different places and ways to find people to join us in the business. But when our sponsor or upline trains us on how to do this, he or she trains us to do it the way they do it. That’s fine if we have the same skills and experience they do, however this is rarely the case. Some of the top Network Marketers in the industry totally built their business by only talking to their warm market. Some have done it by buying leads and calling hundreds of people to sign up 5. Others have done it by being dynamic speakers and leading large opportunity meetings. Many have used a combination of all of these, or other methods entirely. And they have been very successful.

As for me, none of those methods have really worked very well. I’ve had some success with my warm market, and some success cold calling. But I’ve never been able to get it to “take off”.

However, I think that is about to change dramatically. I’ve been in this industry on and off for 10 years, and I’ve always thought the internet was the key to reaching people for my business, just based on the shear number of people that are accessing the web every minute of every day. About 8 years ago I made a sustained effort to find those people, by building a business opportunity website, and using different methods to draw people to it. And I had some success. However, it was a lot of work, and almost impossible for my recruits to duplicate. So eventually I let that method go by the wayside.

But now, there is a new phenomenon called “Social Marketing” or “Web 2.0” that is taking the internet by storm. Social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and many more have changed the internet landscape more than anything in its history up to this point. It’s much easier to create a presence on the web than it’s been in the past, and to have interactive exchanges with people that have similar interests with you. I’ve just started to do this kind of marketing, and I firmly believe that this is the future of network marketing.

There is a huge difference between this and all the other types of marketing: in all the other ways of finding prospects, you are calling them. In this method, they are calling you. This is such a profound difference, that I know it will transform my Network Marketing business, and I’m sure it will transform yours too.

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