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You will know the introduction about NASDAQ, its history, various levels, and NASDAQ TotalView cost and freetrial. 


The term NASDAQ stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation market, an American stock exchange located somewhere in New York City that works for investors to provide them an open, transparent, and competitive platform that enables them to interact efficiently with buyers and sellers. It ranked second in the stock exchanges only behind the New York stock exchange.

The computerized network of systems has been established for trading with buyers and dealers, and they don’t have a physically traded floor for bringing buyers and sellers together. The NASDAQ has more trading volume than the New York stock exchange but lacks capitalization from them.

History Of the Nasdaq

It was initially known as the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, founded in 1971 by the NASD(National Association of Securities Dealers), now known as FINRA( Financial industry regulating authority). It is the first electronic stock exchange in the world created to increase trading for large businesses.

In 1981, the NASDAQ trade had an overall 37 percent share in the US Market that increased to 46 percent in 1991. The NASDAQ got competition from NYSE in 1990, but they beat them after four years in annual shares traded in 1994. They merged with the American stock exchange in 1998 and still operates as the NASDAQ-AMEX Market Group. It became the first stock market to change online in 1998.

The NASDAQ Quotes

There are three levels of quotes available in the NASDAQ, which are as follows.

  • Level 1 – it is for those customers who are not that much active in trading and usually deals in current quotes on stocks with the highest bid.
  • Level 2 – Those customers engaged in trade stocks with market makers to buy or sell the deal.
  •  Level 3 –  This is for the market makers who wish to have level 2 to use their quotes and current orders.

NASDAQ TotalView

TotalView is for the severe traders who need premier data sheets with quotes and order at every price level for trading in NASDAQ and NYSE. It provides you access to sections and charges which are not visible at level 2 but with having TotalView, you can have displayed much better than expected level 2 and three times better than the market.

The NASDAQ TotalView cost depends on various levels that you can choose from consulting your distributors anda freetrial, also available for the subscribers through the market distributers. It is for 30 days. You can also avail that you only need to contact your distributor or visit the official website of NASDAQ TotalView. You can also get other information at

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