Monoprice Monolith M1570 Planar Magnetic Headphones: Review

Monoprice has invested a large amount of time and money in its Monolith series goods that supply a minor bit of anything for tunes listeners and dwelling theater enthusiasts. The array of merchandise consists of loudspeakers, subwoofers, turntables, power amplifiers, and headphones. We lately reviewed the M1070 headphones that Monoprice released to contend with some of the more reasonably priced offerings from Audeze and HiFiMAN.

It’s come to be a acquainted story that most of the Monolith collection products and solutions present a ton of overall performance for charges that are super competitive which is not to say that they are ideal since just about all of them have some rather noticeable shortcomings. You can’t assume perfection in precise price categories but you always do fairly well with their parts.

The substantial-finish headphone group is a perfect instance the Monoprice M1570 Planar Magnetic Open-back Headphones retail for $599 (although you can discover them on sale for $449 USD) and that locations them in the lion’s cage with some formidable goods like the Audeze Lcd-2, HiFiMAN Sundara, and Version XS Headphones.

The M1570 had been unveiled at the exact same time as the M1070 and although there are some similarities in between the two goods, the a lot more highly-priced Monoprice M1570 ought to be considered as a diverse animal completely.

Monoprice Monolith M1570 Planar Magnetic Headphone Kit
Monoprice Monolith M1570

The Skinny

Placed on the table, the two headphones do share a passing resemblance and use some of the exact same components in the frame and ear cups. Equally models also employ a 106mm planar magnetic driver with an impedance of 60 ohms and sensitivity ranking of 96 dB/mW. 

The M1570 ships in a hatbox fashion situation that is as well significant to be a practical journey companion for commuters. Monoprice involve two cables and two sets of earpads with the headphones.

The size and weight of the M1570 might verify to be a turn-off for some who never have significant heads or lack the want to use a 700 gram pair of headphones for extended periods of time.

That relatively surprising quantity of body weight tends to make them one particular of the heaviest in the group the average pair of ANC wi-fi headphones are among 320 and 380 grams as a level of comparison.

Most of that excess weight is in the cups and the challenge for me is exacerbated by the headband style and design swapping out the Focal design one padded band with a suspension design body would assistance distribute weight better and might make these a little bit extra snug for very long listening classes.  

Monoprice Monolith M1570 Planar Magnetic Headphone Headband

The headband has a pair other concerns worth mentioning the metal is thinner than it need to be and it does not really feel extremely stiff. This will verify to be valuable if you want to adjust the clamping pressure, but it may possibly lead to lengthy-term longevity challenges.

The next concern issues the conclusion to put 50% of the padding on the top of the headband wherever it will by no means do nearly anything Monoprice requirements to go most of it to the underside of the band which would assistance improve the convenience stage.

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There are some features of the design that are very useful the micro-XLR ports on the ear cups have a 45° forward angle creating them a bit easier to have on, and the delivered pads are really great. 

Probably not fairly Dekoni fantastic, but however entirely serviceable, snug, and interchangeable. The potential to transform the pads is a large plus and the end result of client complaints in regard to more mature models in which that wasn’t an option.

Monoprice Monolith M1570 Planar Magnetic Headphones Bottom

Ear pads can have a big affect on the audio high-quality of a headphone, and Monoprice created the right decision to source two sets for buyers to swap out the velour pads on both of those the M1070 and M1570 are the greater solution mainly because they decrease the amount of money of bass and much better regulate the reflections — ensuing in a cleaner and slightly leaner audio in comparison to the stock protein leather-based pads that ship set up on the M1570.  

The leather-based pads are 2 times as thick and deliver a lot more bass emphasis which will be preferable to some listeners — the velour pads develop a greater all round equilibrium which we observed preferable.

The equipped cables are equivalent in design both are cloth wrapped with micro-XLR connectors on the headphone connector conclude. 1 terminates in a 6.35mm jack with a 3.5mm adapter though the other terminates in an XLR.  

Monoprice gives a wiring diagram for the micro-XLR ports as they are not the common wiring scheme so cables for other micro-XLR headphones will not get the job done correctly.  

Extra cables are readily available for acquire from Monoprice for $55 USD every single and generating a 4.4mm well balanced cable need to be a rather straight forward by replacing the XLR jack.  

Monoprice Monolith M1570 Planar Magnetic Headphones Front


The aforementioned leather-based pads present increased passive isolation and have a substantial influence on the bass response there is a visible boost in effect and definition but it had a a little bit negative effect on the reduce midrange.

Most large open up-back planar magnetic headphones share a linear sounding minimal conclude and midrange and then reduce that as 1 moves into the upper midrange and treble. The M1570 do a relatively fantastic position of remaining fairly neutral through most of the frequency variety with only some small emphasis in the treble.

The very low conclusion is rather cleanse sounding with ample depth and texture, and it under no circumstances definitely thickens up the relaxation of the tonal equilibrium (with the velour pads). The leather-based pads add also substantially thickness and effect but some may like that depending on the genre of tunes.

Monoprice Monolith M1570 Planar Magnetic Headphone Earpads

The mid bass is instead clear sounding and features a good deal of texture and velocity there is far more than adequate effects to maintain your interest the in general tonal balance is on the leaner aspect and I suspect that bass heads will not gravitate to this factor of its performance.

The bass functionality is alternatively similar to that of the Audeze Liquid crystal display-X the two emphasize velocity and total management compared to impact.

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Midrange effectiveness is the hallmark of any planar style and design and the M1570 does not disappoint the over-all presentation is quite linear sounding with the correct amount of fat for male vocals and bass guitar. The emphasis right here is on speed, regulate with fast transient response, and somewhat audible maintain and decay which offers the midrange a incredibly pure sounding presentation.

Practically each style of audio is properly served by the midrange timbre, precision, and pacing are exceptional in this variety. Piano notes (which are instead complicated for some headphones to properly reproduce) are reproduced with fairly accurate timbre, pounds, and decay.

Monoprice Monolith M1570 Planar Magnetic Headphone Earcup Intereior

Woman vocals do characteristic a little bit far more emphasis than their male counterparts and that does force them a little forward of the instrumentation the higher strings also reward from this additional diploma of emphasis and have sufficient system and vitality.

The treble is extremely great as nicely but does have some insignificant grain to it there are a couple little peaks and valleys in the decrease and mid treble regions. This is an often an location where planar magnetic headphones battle and there is no question that the Monoprice M1570 exhibit some of that.

Nonetheless, the treble is however far more linear sounding than a quantity of other versions in the exact same cost selection and while I like the treble efficiency of the Lcd-X and HiFiMAN Arya Stealth — both are almost two times the price of the M1570.

There is plenty of electrical power and extension to make 1 sense that the M1570’s treble is somewhat airy sounding and it is certainly not a fatiguing hear in any potential. Monoprice went for a risk-free tuning in the treble and when it is not the previous term in depth retrieval or all round extension — it is the right final decision on their section.

The soundstage depth and width are excellent fantastic it is absolutely broader and there is some sense of top — but it is not as apparent as the other proportions.

Seating the orchestra is straight forward with no huge gaps or overlaps as instrument separation is very fantastic and layering as very well. Imaging is good with movements quickly tracked close to the phase and locations in room tightly outlined.

There was practically no sense of compression as tunes became much more complex and the drivers appeared to be able of vast dynamic swings one thing that a single need to be expecting from massive planar motorists.

Monoprice Monolith M1570 Planar Magnetic Headphones in Travel Case


We’re a little bit torn about these headphones.

Their audio excellent is excellent to other planar headphones in the identical price tag vary and it would not be an exaggeration to condition that they just take purpose at the Audeze Liquid crystal display-X and contend alternatively favorably. These are the most effective sounding planar headphones readily available for $599.

Getting reported that, their industrial layout leaves a lot to be preferred. The development good quality could be far better the sheet metal bends far too easily in some sections, the headband padding is in the mistaken location, and the pounds is relatively substantial for a headphone in this phase in 2022.

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If Monoprice can shave some weight off the structure, go the padding underneath where it belongs and use a thicker gauge of metal — they have a $500 planar magnetic headphone that can contend with anything up to $750 to $800.

An audition would make a large amount of sense with these because of the fat to see if you would be relaxed with them on your head for extended listening sessions.

The greatest information for Monoprice? They have at last established a actually excellent pair of headphones that are very affordable the seem excellent is certainly extraordinary for the price.

Wherever to obtain: $599 $449 at

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