My Internet Marketing Strategy

Here’s my internet marketing strategy in brief. You want your campaign up and running. So the preliminary step in my strategy on internet marketing is to research my audience for my industry. Within this industry group I might like to further narrow down the niche. This niche is internet marketing and money-making niche. So I need to know the people that are looking to earn money through internet marketing.

Next I ask what group of people is looking to earn more money. I guess most of the people on internet secretly wish they could crack the code to earn money online. Who doesn’t want some more money? I try to put myself in other people’s position and see them spending time researching “online income opportunities” “make money article writing” “internet business” “affiliate marketing” and so on. I see some of them in job but they absolutely hate their job and are exploring to earn online before they can quit their jobs. I see some of them hoping to earn just a little extra online.

These are the people who are like I was when I used to rush straight to internet search engines after the day job. These are the people I can focus on because the product I am promoting would be as or even more useful to them as it is to me. My audience is then like me who are struggling to break into internet marketing as I was once and highly motivated to earn online as I was once. So, I would focus my promotion towards them. But what is even more important for me is to be on the ethical site. So I will attempt to give an honest revenue on what I like and dislike about this product that I am recommending to them.

In the next stage I think, expand and write down the list of all the groups of audience that might possibly be interested in my product. So my list includes:
-internet marketers
-businesses looking to make an internet visibility
-affiliate marketers
-advertisers (Google AdSense)
-advertisers (yahoo search marketing)
-work at home moms/dads
-people with website/webstore
-business opportunities
-online business

These are the groups of audience or most common industries that I will pay attention to in my campaigns when promoting the product I have to offer. However, I have also to be careful with the key word chosen for promotion. It has to be narrow and relevant and not broad and generalized if I want to have better conversion rate. If my key word exactly reflects what I promote those that don’t need my product won’t be coming. So I will get my niche audience. So, I won’t go for short cut and the easier route. So, I will focus on relevance and longer-tailed keywords which will immediately tell what the product is about.

Next I will think of all those among the audience list that I might have not thought of. For instance, office workers, students, retired workers, those with credit card debts and so on. All of them are possibly spending time on internet looking for ways to earn some money. In other words relevance of key words to target on is a critical factor in the success of one’s strategy.

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